So, the ‘Natalia!’ who is mentioned on this blog is a Cambridge graduate. There is also a really beautiful photo of her with a red's really pretty. Also from Russia, she maintained neutrality...from the beginning. Anna knew what she was getting herself into, and she was probably adamant about getting a job to have a job of her own, alongside having a stronghold on his finances, as well as to have a great option…in case it never worked out with Mikhail. She still stuck around anyway, but what I am trying to say, is that internally, she was looking out for herself. He is still paying for the vacations, after all. Thus, in maintaining neutrality, it’s not that Natalia would not have sympathized either, it’s that she knew better than to interfere into things that didn’t concern her. This was smart of her, and I don’t want her facing any kind of backlash based on what is written here. She provided information that was very useful for me, hence why her name is mentioned here. She didn’t have to, but she did. All of the people on this blog are Mikhail’s friends, first. Irrespective of discussions about power etc., they were his friends, first. I only know them through him, so for them to maintain neutrality from the beginning is… a lot for them. Some of them have even been his friends since high school, which is why I know that from the very beginning I have placed them in a delicate position. I want to thank Natalia on here, because I know what I wrote. It will remain, but I would like her to know that I really appreciate the news she has been posting. She is only one of two, who are both Russian and Cambridge alumni, who are on my side of the network, as many of them have since been removed. However, for the latter, no matter how briefly some names were mentioned in the past, they should know that there is a good reason why their full name was not added. They're really cool. So while what is written here is definitely, definitely a warning, it maybe addressed to the unfortunate few.