A rather sizeable piece of news came out earlier this week with regards to events that happened last December. The only thing I will say is that…that boy does not need any more money. He doesn’t. The Dubov family does not need any more money, because it will go straight to him. As if his ego is not already blown way out proportion, as if he has not already displayed ridiculous shenanigans due to the so called 'power' he thought he had due to his wealth, he needs more to fuel it. We could get into a discussion about what is 'fair' and what is 'owed', but if he himself is not playing by these rules, why should anyone afford him the same type of courtesy? An eye for an eye? No, not really, no. I will explain towards the end. As far as his father’s partners go, they don’t have offspring like Mikhail, and they haven’t ‘invited’ their offspring’s whores-who-speak-out-place into their families, so I cannot and will not speak for them. What I do know is that Mikhail does not need another penthouse, and, if she is remaining where she is, Anna does not need to go on another vacation on someone else’s credit card. His parents have a business, the wine is good, they routinely go on trips as well, and their friends are out of jail. They live a really good life. So no, they don’t really need any more money. Instead, what is ‘owed’ to them, should go to funding hospitals where little girls can get heart transplants in their home country. This money can go towards building programs and facilities which encourage and facilitate domestic growth. This was one of the reasons why Yukos was a pioneer ahead of its time: it was transparent and was funding development programs in Russia. So while I will not speak for his father's partners involved in this, in memory of this company, what is 'owed' to this particular family should go towards building upon the ideals & goals Yukos was championing. Would it actually be funneled into these projects? I don’t know, but this is what I think. Regardless, it certainly does not belong in Mikhail’s hands. He has enjoyed plenty of it already and has had no real responsibility that comes with it. He does not need to be rewarded for not doing anything, and, if she is remaining where she is, she does not need to be rewarded for not having the ability to control her tongue. So no, in this case, rules of fairness do not apply to someone who does not employ them himself; furthermore, if she is remaining where she is, as someone who took part in these development programs which were part of Yukos’ wider CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives when she was in high school, one should hope that Anna can put her greed aside (with her, the most one can hope for is ‘for the time being’) to understand what I am trying to say here. Of course, this is what I think and this is my perspective based on years of experience interacting with him.